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Your Baby Is Counting on You

15, August,

The process of childbirth and goal achievement consist of three distinct stages…conception, gestation and delivery." Your hopes, dreams, goals and ideas…they’re your baby.

The entire process of childbirth and goal achievement consists of three distinct stages

1. Conception : Anything and everything you want to be, have and do begins as a tiny seed which gets conceived inside your mind.

2. Gestation : Your mind goes to work visualizing the outcome…a plan gets developed…your goal (baby) is maturing and taking shape.

3. Delivery : Labor pain is enforced in the form of hustle, hard work, discipline, focus and gritty perseverance…which results in your goal being achieved…your baby being born.


When it comes to childbirth, there’s nothing you can do to speed up or slow down the expected delivery date.

However, when it comes to giving birth to your dreams and goals…the majority of people take forever to get the job done or sadly, never get to the third stage…DELIVERY.

They allow fear, doubt, procrastination, excuses and every self-limiting belief to psychologically subjugate their goals along with any chance of a fulfilling life.

Behaving in this manner is the equivalent of being pregnant for 5, 10 or even 20 years with the same dreams and goals. Can you imagine what it would feel like being physically pregnant for 20 years?


The primary reason and the root cause that holds people back from achieving their goals is…poor or non-existent execution

Another way of saying it is that they do not want to deal with labor pains. They want to arrive at and enjoy the delicious fruits of success without having to pay the price for it.

Improving your execution skills is the savviest move you can make as superior execution removes the barrier between the life you are now living and the one you are capable of living.

It’s time to speed up the gestation process when it comes to your goals .

Article Courtesy Mr. Vikas Gupta